Question About Protein....

I just purchased some whey protein. I have never been big on suplements and all that stuff, so I have a question. I understand I should take about 1 gram of protein per lbl of body weight, minus my BF%. Now I do not lift, but I train BJJ 6 days a week.

I weigh around 170, and I am not trying to put on weight. I would like to maintain my weight, or simply turn my fat to muscle (since I cut to 50's division for tournaments). I have around 11%BF right now.

How many grams of protein would you suggest I take a day? Should I also maintain the same amount on days that I dont train?


Nowin, thanks for the advice. Ya, the reason why Im taking supplements is I simply dont have the time to prepare all the necessary food. By turning fat into muscle, I meant decreasing fat/increase of muscle. I took ur advice on the amount of protein, I will try this out for 6 weeks and measure my weight.BJ% and go from there.


I take a scoop within 15 minutes of training/running etc in a glass of water or skim milk. I just let it go at that.

1g/lb is completely excessive for damn near anyone on the planet. 1g/kg like the other guy said is a lot more reasonable. eat a good carb and fat intake so your body doesnt use the protein for energy and make sure the protein you eat is good bioavailable protein and you should be all set

Most of the research I have read does mention a difference between athletes and non-athletes. 1.2 - 1.5 per kg of bodyweight sounds perfectly normal and isn't enough to put any real pressure on the kidneys.

The reasons doctors are getting into a bit of a fit over the problems with too much protein is because of that Atkins nonsense where people (especially americans) actually consume not only too much protein, but very little else. The health problems this atkins fad will only truly be understood in about 10 years.

I would recommend that you also do some research on what ratio of nutrients (besides protein) that you need to consume for proper absorption of the protein itself.

Not to mention that oh so wonderful amonia stench that your sweat takes on when OD'ing on protein... (no joke)

I had high bun and creatinine levels in a blood test preparing for a fight. Scared the shit out of me. The doctor told me basically I was in renal failure!! Several factors can effect those levels, (which incidentally I had to research this on my own because the gp I was seeing at the time was a fucking ingrain). Dehydration and extreme physical duress (like the type you get hard training, were the main factors spiking my levels. I was tested two more times within a year or so and the values were normal. My diet was the same but my intensity level was no where near the level it was during my first blood test. I don't think moderately high protein levels will do any long term damage to the kidneys as far as I can see. It sure brought my attention to it though. My protein ingestion is about 1 gram per lb of body weight. I am 180. I also try to drink lots of water.