Question about Santos/Chong Fight

To any of the Guam boys, what happened to Jay? Did he just gas, or what? Has Chong been workingon his fighting skills, or is he still jsut coming in to brawl?

I am guessing if he overworked Jay then he must be taking it more seriously now.

What? Did Jay lose?

Check the UG, the results they are giving say Jay lost to 3R TKO(stoppage).

Jay hurt Manny in the first round and almost koed him. But then he gassed bad and did not fight back in round 2 and 3 with Manny not doing much but being the more active fighter. Landless called it in round 3.

Mike is at 185 and has been inactive for over 4 years. He dont even train any more. Jay was also inactive for the last 3 years and hasnt had a day at the gym until he was asked to fight Manny. Even at that he had to leave for his yearly army training for 2 weeks and got back a week before his fight. Manny didnt knock him out and was also doubled over with his hands on his knees. But he was the more active fighter and Jay ignored the ref and didnt engage so Landless called it. With the condition Jay was in Manny shoulda knocked him in into next year but that didnt happen because he was too tired not because he had compassion.

I agree with fatlip's description. Manny through punches at Jay but he was able to avoid them.

At the end of the first round they were both bent over with their hands on their knees trying to catch some wind. In a match like that people are gonna get fired up and root hard for their guy. Jay had Manny busted up and sat him down twice but he couldnt finish it when he kept ignoring the ref the fight was called. Manny hung tough and got the win. Overall the event was good and despite the heated moments in the last fight nothing got out of hand. No one was throwing anything nor did any skirmishes happen inside or out of the venue. The card was stacked with world class fighters and there was no shortage of action.

What about a Hoover/Chong rematch? It's a little bit older, but you think there would be any interest?

Mike, you have mail.


I wanna see you fight him again.. watch the hook ;) wasn't a hook, it was a running haymaker. Never saw it, didn't feel it till the next day.

Thats how fast it was... it looked like a from my seat..


I am stationed at Little Creek, VA, training at GLobal Martial Arts in Chesapeake. They have a great CSW program under Erik Paulsen, and I will probably start doing their standup class in addition to CSW.

My conditioning is leaps and bounds above what it was last time, and it is still going up. I will be ready for a full 15 minute fight, with legs to spare. From what I have seen Manny still fights the same way(brawler), so shouldn't be hard to beat him, main thing will be weathering the initial storm, which I did last time with no standup training.

I kinda hope he has improved, or actually prepares for the fight(assuming it happens, Mike is talking to PXC for me), but I will take a win either way. His fault if he doesn't prepare. I am planning on a war either way.

BTW, do I know you? What's your name?


I think manny has improved since his fight with Hoover, and i don't doubt that hoover improved as well. But i don't think manny is all that dominating he is an agressive brawler that is starting to understand the mma game and has been in the ring with the BEST guam has to offer at that weight, But he has yet to face a stand up fighter. he has faced Hoover who at the time had little to no stand up training and a ground game that was still very sketchy, then he faced Steve Roberto who is amazing on the ground but had limited stand up skills, Manny caught him and chris brennan stopped it prematurely.. shit happens
then he fought Jammin Jay santos one of guams best wrestlers, keep in mind that Jay hasnt been training and since his deployment has trained on and off (Mostly off) since then. he was asked to fight Manny and did win the whole fight until he gassed, i know if jay was at the shape he was in his first fight he would have toyed with chong.

How has Manny improved? I haven't seen the last two fights yet, has he added ground to his game, or is he still a brawler?

Josh, How much do you weigh now?

I am comfortable at 200ish. When I fought Chong in 99 I was usually in the 190s, and gained to 209 for the fight, which killed my cardio. I am usually walking around right about 200. When we did the spring PFA, I weighed in at 201.