Question about SBG mural

Hello, I am a big fan of the SBG and I have learned a ton from Matt Thornton's FJKD series 2, and now I am working through the Rodney king street boxing series and enjoying that as well.

Anyway, I am curious about the large mural on the wall behind the boxing ring that appears in both of these series. It looks like it says "School of Striking" and then has a bunch of cartoon characters with quotes near them. The camera is always focused on the people in the foreground and its hard to make out what it says. Just curious on what it says, because you don't usually see stuff like that in gyms. Thanks for any info.

That might be the "School of Dry Land Swimming." It is pretty funny.

Dear KKM, there is now an SBG forum.

Guess I missed the memo. I will ask over there.

Lazlo as Mike mentioned, that is an exact replica of a painting that Bruce Lee had done called "school of dry land swimming". There is a picture of it in Dan Inosanto's JKD book. The smaller black one which is now out of print.

I had two made.

One was on the wall of the old Salem OR Gym. The other is on a 4' by 8' board and hangs now in our Portland headquarters.