Question about selling a house.

My aunt inherited a house from my grandfather. It has asbestos siding, isnt connected to the town sewer and is basically a knock down.
My aunt can't afford to take care of it anymore but is convinced she can't sell it with all the things wrong with it.
So my question is can you sell the house with all the things wrong with it, obviously just alot cheaper because the buyer would have to fix it. Or does the seller have to fix those types of problems before they sell it. We're in mass btw Phone Post 3.0

I imagine that you have to let the buyer sign something as that you wouldnt be responsible for the horrible cancer death while laying on a pile of unflushable shit of the next happy family. Phone Post 3.0

Hey buddy , in a realtor , u can sell a house as "as is, where is" pretty much lot value. Nothing to worry about. Phone Post 3.0

The land itself has value even if the house is unsalvageable.

No idea about your actual question though. I would assume you could sell "as is", but you may want to consult with a realtor. Phone Post 3.0

You would disclose everything about the house. Phone Post 3.0

you can sell it like that. My house was a rental that the people I bought it off of inherited from their parents. They did not want to mess with it so it was trashed when I bought it. Ruined carpets, trash and junk all over the place and stinking of dogs. It also had a sagging main support beam in the basement that had to be braced, zero insulation in the attic and a basement wall that seeped water whenever it rained.

None of that was expensive to fix but very labor intensive, it was one of the reasons I was able to buy my house for so cheap.

Yes she can sell it. I don't know the details, but I know you can sell it. There are houses here that were made in the late 50's and you can sell them. The asbestos tiles are fine as long as you don't disturb them. Phone Post 3.0