Question about single leg takedowns

If you shoot with your right leg leading against another righty then you shoot with your right leg outside your opponents leading leg (his right). My question is what if you were a lefty leading with your left leg. How would you shoot at your opponent who is a righty? Do you just shoot with you leading leg between his legs instead of outside just as in a double leg takedown?

If someone can go through detailed steps of a lefty trying to take down a righty via single-leg, that would be great. Sorry I know the above paragraph could get confusing.

you actually don't shoot a single leg on someone if they don't have a mirror stance, unless you can bring their leg forward somehow. The mirror stance is perfect for a single. You should shoot to the outside of his right let, with your head on the inside. If you are shooting a single with your head on the outside that is actually called a high crotch


hope this helps

Leg position doesn't matter, unless he's in a square stance. You can penetrate inside or outside with a single....doesn't matter as long as he's staggered as the Rev mentioned. When he's square he's asking for you to switch and shoot your doubles.

Check out this article on the shoot here: Guide to the MMA shoot. And ignore Davis' head positioning in that video.

After reading your question a few times, I see what you are trying to say.

Don't place too much emphasize on which leg is forward, it's really not that important. You either shoot w/ whichever leg is forward, switch your leads or shoot from a square stance. In your example, you would shoot w/ an outside penetration.

Ok thanks a lot guys. Im not a wrestler, but I think the single and double leg are the best takedown to learn; seems more effective than the Judo throws. Yeah so if anyone has any vids (instructionals or just instances of really good fundamentals) of singles please feel free to post that shit up. Thanks again guys.

mirror image means you are leading with your left, and he is leading with his right