Question About "Terrorist" Attacks?

Are there ever any "reported" terrorist attacks in China ,Japan, or Australia?

It seems like the media nonstop talks about the Middle East / muslim countries (Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, etc)...

We have terrorist attacks once in a while in the US as well.

I have read about attacks but never these countries, is it because they mind their own business? Or is there nothing to gain by the terrorists attacking?

I hope my question doesn't come up offensive in any way, I am curious. Thanks brosefinas.

Those 3 countries do not have the worldwide empire the U.S. does.

There was a mass stabbing in China just a few weeks ago perpetrated by weigers(sp?), China's Muslim minority. 29 or so of them with knives went apeshit in a shopping mall IIRC. There have been numerous bombings too.

So yes they happen you just aren't paying attention to the right news outlets. Phone Post 3.0

Google the Aum Shinrikyo gas attacks in Japan. Phone Post 3.0

Agent_Doakes_Aint_no_Jokes -

Are there ever any "reported" terrorist attacks in China ,Japan, or Australia?

China is a big country. There are lots of competing factions, regions, and people in China that don't care for the Communists or the current system. For example Tibetans, Uyghurs are labelled as terrorists for their self-immolation, knife attacks, bombings. These people want independence.

In Japan there aren't these types of groups but you'll get the doomsday cults like those crazies who released sarin gas in the Tokyo subways. Another source of terrorists are the Communist and North Korean sympathizers living in Japan who have been involved in bombings and assassinations.