Question about the bench

In articles you find about HIT training and full body workouts, some of them suggest that you only need to do one type of excercise for your chest, flat bench. Do you really work all your chest muscles this way? is this less effective than doing 4 different types of excerises on your chest?

Only do one type of exercise if you want to suffer injury.

To become a great lifter you must do more.

Bench press exercises should include flat bench, incline bench ( for delt strength) flat bench with dumbells, pull overs, tricept and back to name a few. Not all at the same time.

What are your goals?

Not all at the same time is key.

HIT articles do usually recomend one movement per body part in a given workout. Do not take this to mean that you can not or should not substitute variations of movements over the course of time. I use HIT training methods and do not do the ssame movements two workouts in a row. Train as you fight. D-Rex