question about i live in France and i am a client of (i have made some money thanks to them).

Now i would like to have an information. i am studying the different way of withdrawing the money.

I alreaddy asked this question 5 months ago but i forget the

you can find all the information about the withdrawals here

My english is not enough good. so i would like that some of you read this staff and tell me what is the less expensive way to get my money (800 dollards).

Keep in mind that i have done the deposit (250 dollard i think) thanks to my credit cart visa.

Also i have found at this page ( ) that they have a phone number in France.
What is this phone number? i do not get it. Does that meab that is represented in France?

thanks for the answer.

can you TTT this for me?

ok BSF..thanks i will call them tomorrow.

it is tooo late here now