Question about tipping

sekundarburnes - as a mover i used to get crazy good tips. don't know about furniture delivery. i do food delivery now and then and i can tell you the reason tipping is standard practice for delivery boys is because their base pay is lower in anticipation of the tips they will make. same for waiters and any other job where tipping is customary, except for moving. i used to make 25 an hour doing that PLUS tips, which were usually 20-30 per customer. it was just a ridiculously sweet deal. i couldn't figure out why the pay was so good for work that anyone could do.

I think people in my area are just assholes Phone Post

Having moved my own shit around for 20+ years I now ALWAYS tip the strong-backs who move my shit. I offer them drinks too.

I tip delivery drivers and servers and casino dealers for sure.

Where I won't tip however are the soup-nazi lines (like at burrito joints) where you go through the line telling the kid what you want and then go to a register to pay for it.

There's always a tip jar and always a tip line on the CC receipt. Those kids make wage and haven't actually served me, shit they won't even go light on the goddam beans like I asked. I'm gonna walk my own food, buss my own table and throw away all my trash. They should be tipping me FFS.