question about Torrents and Dvds..

ok i dl movies and burn them to dvd for family..sometimes though they go to play a movie and within 20 minutes the 'cinavia' message will appear and mute audio..this is when i play them on a normal blu-ray player..i thought this was only a PS3 problem..any way to fix this?

Is cinavia the prog you use to convert/burn? Phone Post 3.0

does anyone know if is down right now?

newer BR / DVD players have built in copyright protection.

apparently there's no fix yet, unless they use a WD Live player or something like that.

^^yeah i just found that out, sucks as we just bought my mom a blu-ray..what is the easiest way to stream torrents from her comp to her tv?i stream everything thru my xbox 360 but dont know of other methods..ive heard about flash drives?

jason73 - does anyone know if is down right now?

yes :(

i have old comp hooked to tv, d/l and play file.

hook up her tv as the computer monitor and things should work for dvd playing, streaming, and other nifty stuff

Or find a cheap ps3.

Azureus Vuze streams wirelessly between my laptop and ps3. Phone Post 3.0