Question about tournaments (ie: SF GP)

I'm sure someone has asked this before but I haven't seen any threads. I get why they can't have all the fights in one night like years ago.

How do they justify calling it a tournament? Why wouldn't they have the four fights go on the same night and then the next show is the semi's then the next show is the final? What's the purpose of having Reem v. and Barnett v. on the next show? Isn't everything really a tournament style then? Fitch/Penn is the semis for the ww title, no?

This was discussed a million times.

It's a tourney because the brackets are laid out ahead of time. However,

it is dumb to have rounds on different dates

it was better when the belt was on the line throughout the tourney (and that's why the brackets look so fucked up)

You can call whatever you want from the UFC a tourney, but they would get more people excited if you knew ahead of time what fights were next instead of always changing it and making it up as you go along.

 It seems, at the very least, if everyone fought their first round on the same night they have the same rest period before the next round. So let's say the next round is in May. Let's say Reem takes a real beating but wins, then they fight in another 3 months.Come august Reem may have had 3 months rest, maybe it's enough, maybe not, but by that time Silva has had 6 months rest.