Question about training schedule

Hey guys,

Assuming you could only train 2-3 times a week, how would you space those classes trhoughout the week for best results?

Put differently, do you think it would hinder my progress to group the 2 or 3 classes back to back at some point in the week? This seems less than ideal, but w/my class schedule, I may only be able to make it in Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Any insight or advice would be appreciated.


You can make Sunday classes, too. Stop being such a sissy.

Just do what you can. On your off days you should try to do some cardio/conditioning exercises. At the very least do 15 minutes a day ( more is better but do at least 15 min if you're really busy). Also do some mental training, like going over the moves and techniques in your head or by watching instructionals and your favorite matches!

Hope that helps.

People's Knee,

Haha, thanks for the encouragement - I'd like to come out on Sundays too, but I will probably skip Saturday on those weeks. Weekends are prime study time!


Thank you for the suggestion, I agree. I'm going to be doing Scrapper's workouts (bodyweight program if you're not familiar) on the off days. I will also try to mentally go over techniques, and maybe some competition tapes.

Anyone else have any feedback as to scheduling limitied training sessions for best progress?