Question about weigh ins

Just had a couple quick questions for anyone who's ever been to a UFC weigh in.'s free right? i'm assuming it is. and it best to get there super early in order to get a decent seat or does it not get THAT packed?
I'm headin down to vegas july 5th - 7th to participate in the first ever MMA combine put on by MMADraft which i'm fucking pumped for, then gonna hang out at the fan expo, but I'm gonna try to make the UFC 162 weigh in the day before as well so whoever has been before, lemme know!

I went to the weigh ins for 156. They were free, we got there maybe 20 min early and got good seats. Good luck in the combine! Phone Post 3.0

I've been on two weigh-ins. Usually (or maybe always?) they have a Q&A session with one or several fighters for about 1 hour. After that, they will show the audience some event promo videos on the big screens or projectors. Later Burt Watson gets into the stadium and starts to yell like he always does to pump everyone up. Then it's showtime, weigh in starts.

Awesome, thanks guys. I'm stoked! And thanks Captain America I'm gonna do my best to impress