Question after listening to Francis on Rogan

It seems like a lot of people helped him along the way. I know he is taking care of people in Cameroon. But did he ever repay the people that helped him in France? He ran into some real saints there. Then he left to Extreme Couture.

Last I heard there was some bitterness between he and Fernand Lopez. They might have reconciled, I dunno.

In general, I don’t think it’s fair to expect fighters to remain at a gym forever. You owe your trainers honoring your explicit commitments and contracts, but fighters aren’t bound to trainers for life.



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Yeah, I am sure his management team got a payday but there was a lot of people along the way in France. Seemed like five people that really helped him out. I agree just because someone helps you it does not making you obligated forever. I was just curious.

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