In preparing for the upcoming 2005 Canadian Pro Grappling, I am going to be compiling a "hit List" of grapplers from the U.S. and Canada and maybe even Brazil that I would like to have as a feature superfights to the already awesome event coming in the new year!

SO, I ask to you, which Grappler, either from the U.S., Brazil or Canada, woudl you like to see in a superfight in the upcoming 2005 Canadian Pro-Ams of Grappling? Please keep the posts reasonable and serious. So no Ken Shamrock or Mat Furey's please. Please choose current grapplers who you know of that compete frequently!

So far I am thinking of:
-Current OSWI GRAND PRIX CHAMP George St. Pierres

-Mike Fowler

-Joe D'Arce

-Jeff Glover

-Wagney Fabiano

-Leo Santos(after his arrival to Canada)

-One of the Avellan brothers

-Ronaldo Souza

Thanx guys!

Jeff Glover against anyone his weight. I think a match with Omar from Rebellion would be as exciting and unorthodox as you could get. But I would also like to see Wagnney in there crushing anyone in his weight division.

It would be cool if you could get one of the Avellan's, Allen Teo, Kurt Pelligrino, Rami Boukai, etc to come from the states.

And I don't even have mention the Canadian stars everyone wants to see. (but I will anyhow)

Let's get Bocek, Newton, Schilling, GSP, Hollanda, Spider, Omar, Steve, maybe even Kang and Diaz from the west coast to truly represent Canada's real talent.

Fabio Hollanda


Nick Diaz

Terrell vs Kang

Bocek versus pelligrino

Spider versus Omar Salvosa

Wagnney versus Steve Lin

Leo Santos versus Schilling or Bruckman in a gi

terrel/kang II




"Ronaldo Souza"

Hell yes! Can you get Terrere?

Bocek versus pelligrino would be sick.

Showdown Joe vs. Bruce Buffer in an Announce-Off

Denis Kang

Karim Byron

I have no shot...Bruce Buffer may not be like his brother Michael, but I'm nowhere near

Liborio1 vs Dana White

Make it happen Rick!

Nick Ring and Joe Doerksen

Joe is incorrect.

Having Nick Diaz or Dave Terell would be awesome!! look at what Diaz did to Macaco! Newton vs Terell would be tight or if Jeff can fight. Terell vs Joslin!!

Diaz vs Rowan would be a tight fight!!!!

I would really like to see George St Pierre VS Dave Terell

get Nick Ring . You wont be sorry.

Long overdue to have Bocek in these events IMO

Bocek versus Holanda would be great.