Question for anyone from PA

Whats the deal with Johnstown? Super cheap homes. I know its a small city (Slapshot was based on their local hockey team), but I know in recent years that aerospace moved there so is the place a run down mess riddled with crime? Or is it just a nice small town and cheap to live? Whats the deal?

It Once had a steelmill, I'm not sure if it is still operating. I have never been out that far west in PA, but the old industrial/mining  towns across the state have been hit hard the last 50 years. They are getting older, smaller, poorer. More drugs, more minorities, more crime. Property values dropping or stagnant, once decent working class areas are run down and economically depressed.

I was there like 15 years ago. Everything felt grey. Like it was dying but just hadn't died yet. 


What areospace is there now? 

I was there a few years ago and it is just as described above. They did win a grant to improve the War Memorial Auditorium.