Question for ass lovers

What is the craziest thing you have done for a great ass?

When I was 17 I dated a girl that I absolutely hated. Hated her family. Hated her neighborhood. Her voice. Everything. But she was my FIRST perfect ass. Dated her for 6 months.

Anyone else?



I think this post is totally appropriate right here...however, I will not
respond with outlandish tales of ass pursuit until you post a new picture
of your wife's posterior. Sorry, but I just have to draw the line here. ;)

this thread needs help

I accidently posted this on UG and a mod accidently moved it to the Tuf forum. NOT MY FAULT

Due to the title of this thread and it's location in the TUF forum, I thought this was going to be about colonics or men in thongs or something.

I want the one on the right :D


Haha what the hell is this doing in the TUF 5 forum.

spanklock Velicty Von is awesomeness... agreed too much interracial gangbangs etc but she done plenty more straightforward stuff. Like Naomi she's way too skinny these days though