Question for BALEIA


I was just wondering if you will be selling jiu-jitsu gear at Joslin's. Specifically, do you have Koral purple belts? Probably A4 size, and how much would it cost?


I will have stuff. I will have some belts but not Koral. I will have some Keiko Belts. they are 15.00

I will also have:

-Tapout (Rash Guards,Various T-shirts, Shorts, Hats, Toques)

-Sinister (NEW Sinister shorts as well as Anderson Silva T-shirts)

-Keiko (Rash Guards, Shorts, Belts)

-DVDs (101 Submissions Vol 3 will be on sale as well as OSWI#4!!!!)

Plus a bunch of other goodies

Hi Baleia, thanks for the answer, just one more question though. Do you have different sizes for the Keiko purple belts? I just googled them, and on some site it says "one size fits all" instead of A1, A2, etc. Sounds weird.


1) What is the website for the gear again?

2) E-mail me at please.

3) Canario is g-hey.

That is all.


yeah, id say they are a 3ish. if that helps. But can be shrunk as I am told.

Baleia 2 questions I was wondering how much you were selling the camo tapout shorts for? and is it possible to still pick up some gear off of u?

contact me at