question for Billy Hull about sucky StarAdvertiser

where the hell is your mma blog? you know, the one that USED to be super easy to find on the old star bulletin site? did they kill it? cuz i cant find it anymore.

in one fell swoop, it seems, mma media in hawaii, is dead.

"yeah, but there's still"


good grief

It'll be back. I think once they figure out a better way of putting the blos on the main page somewhere.

I'm looking for new ideas. I was thinking about doing rewind type entries, where we look back at some of the best MMA fights in Hawaii over the years, especially if I can find some youtube footage to go along with it.

Might even try to start up some kind of official rankings for local MMA fighters.

Any other ideas HG?

I wish there were more Shooto-affiliated events going on.

^^There are a lot of rules for Shooto that the promoters really do not want to put up with unfortunately.

Billy, let us know when the blog is back up.