Question for educated men

Why do non-educated men like to insult women for no reason?

Like 12yo boys insulting 12yo girls?

That intrigues me. And makes me sad.

I'm sure it's a complex issue. In my view, real men have respect for real women and vice-versa. It's when the two start to act like the opposite sex that the problems arise. Look at the examples 12 year old boys have of how to act a treat women. Rappers and tv and movies that show them being "cool" means having sex with as many girls as possible. Cause it's all a big game. Look at the examples 12 year old girls have. Singers and models that show them that exposing yourself and sleeping around is a way to gain power and acceptance. It's all ass-backwards through and through.

Why do non-educated men like to insult women for no reason?It tends to work both ways.

ive got a 12th grade education at best and i dont insult woman as a matter of fact i side with them frequently. How else is a man gonna get laid?

IBI, you are right. I guess in my youth I didn´t pay attention to what other girls were doing against boys.

"Why do non-educated men like to insult women for no reason?"

maybe because, as you point out, they are non-educated

It's not even really about "education" Just a solid upbringing or basic manners. I too have about a 12th grade at best education. But I still held doors and all the other stuff that is considered old fashioned and outdated.


You are completely wrong.

Actually, he's not too far off the mark. Girls like men who are assertive and take charge. Unfortunately, they mistake jackass behavior and rudeness (usually caused by feelings of insecurity) to be positive traits.

A man of strength doesn't have to bully others to prove he's stronger and a weak man can never really handle the full power of love.

The respect and cosideration have to come from both sides. The sad part is that one side usually waits until the other side acts "accordingly" before they change their behavior. As individuals we must take the initiative to act in the manner in which we would like to be treated. ;)


Donna, unfortunately I think Scrapper and EJ are right. I hate to say it but I don't ever get laid when I'm the "good guy" unless I'm in an existing relationship (and even then...).


That´s not what I`m talking about. I`m not talking about getting laid, in which case I really hate all the liars and all the men that look at women only to get laid. I am not an object to satisfy animal instincts.

None of you understand my original question, indeed.

It was useless to ask this. I was naive thinking that I would find a more reasonable answer here.

Alright then, do you really think non-educated men like insulting women any more than they like insulting other men? I suppose I didn't understand the original question.

Oh, and just to keep myself from looking too bad I don't lie to get laid. I just don't get laid as often as I'd like - better than someone sleeping with me because they think I'm someone I'm not IMO.

Men insulting men seems to be a game they play. I will never understand why they like to insult each other.

Men insulting women is just it: insulting. Why insult someone that doesn´t want to play? Why teasing up for nothing?

Hmmm. Now I understand. Men of higher education insult each other in the same way but are you saying that in you're experience those with lower education levels can't "filter" their "manly" conversations when talking to women? Or is it that women tend to have a thinner skin than men (socialization)?

Define "thinner skin"...

By women having thinner skin I mean that they are not conditioned to handle "insults" the same way men are. In other words what what a woman considers insulting a man may not.

IMO we're generalising way too much. I know plenty of women who throw insults with the best guys (or worst, depending on you're perspective). From a practical standpoint I'd say what you're referring to is the inability of some men to adapt their behavior to those around them. Either that or their inability to recognise the inappropriateness of such behavior.

You still didn´t answer me WHY men do this.

"None of you understand my original question, indeed."

This is going to sound harsh but...:

If you were inspired to ask your question based on any experience here on this forum, I'd say you exemplify a common stereotype about women-- IRRATIONALITY! Your thread about the Death penalty and Spiritualism was a prime example. Reason was completely absent from your posts about a serious subject.

If that was typical of your postings on this forum, then I'm not at all surprised if you have been insulted and are used as an example of the 'stereotype' of being another female lacking logic and critical thinking skills.

When you or anyone else posts about serious subjects, ie., religion, philosophy, politics, etc.. if you do not use logic to support your opinions you will be ridiculed.

It's not about men-and-women.

Insecure people try to make themselves feel better.
They feel the need to say that the way they are is the best way to be.

So, if it's a man, he will say that women aren't as good as men. That means that he is better, because he's a man.
All the anti-women insults are versions of this.

If he's white, he says that blacks are inferior.
If he's tall, he says that short people are inferior.