Question for Fort Bragg?

Hey Yurk,

Or anyone with knowledge of the local Muay Thai School.

I was at Bragg visiting my Daughter & Son-in-law in April. (he just got deployed) I found the school just off base while I was there but couldnt get any response or find out the class schedule, so I worked out at the Boxing Gym on base.

Anyway, I'll be visiting for a short period in about a week and I would like to check out the Thai Boxing class while I'm in town.

Anybody got some info?


Dave Rogers


Check out Team ROC at . Check out the Fayetteville location and give Jeremiah a qucik shout at(973) 255-0836. He is the head instructor there most of the time. He is a good guy and will get you and info needed.

Give me a heads up if you are going to be into Team Roc, and I will make sure to stop by and say hello.

Hey Dave,

I guess we will have to wait on getting you down here for training. I have been traveling since we last spoke. I'll be in touch when we get things a little more sorted out down here.


Thanks YBJJ,

Shoot me your contact info,  looks like 1/8-1/10. I appreciate that.

Matt, thats what I figured, you got my number. Later


Just wanted take time to thank all the guys at Team ROC for giving me a righteous good beating. Many thanks to all of the Instructors, Jeremiah & Brandon and Mr.Collins.

Took me a couple of days of licking my wounds for my head to clear. Bruises on bruises and muscleaches galore. It wasnt until after the sparring class was over that I figured out everybody in my group either out-weighed me by 30lbs (of muscle) or was NBA height and they took no mercy on the elderly.

Also next time I'll remember to take some headgear with me, I got jacked a couple times real good. Really felt like a fish out of water in the two-on-one. And to top it off they wouldnt let me kick em in to the legs, yeah I was shit-out of luck. 

Wish you all well and I hope to be going back sometime in April, so I'll see you all then.

Dave Rogers


Glad you got hooked up with the ROC guys. Sorry I missed you, but it was a hectic week and I did not get a chance to get in at all.

See you next trip,


you were the guy with the green t-shirt and thai shorts?

Thanks again for the hook-up Jeff, I'll see you then. I have to come back to NC in the spring and do some more landscaping to my daughters house.

Before I went into the gym that first day, I chopped 2 tree-stumps out of her yard and I had three more to do the next day. Man I was whooped.

Yes Jason, I was the one in the Thai shorts, but for the life of me I cant remember what color shirt I was wearing.

green, I get paid to remeber stuff like that. lol.

Ok, you got me, it was green.