Question for Hawai'i forum members

In this month's Full Contact Fighter there's a pic from the Superbrawl, on page 30, bottom left corner, "Bill 'The' Kid after being Ko'd by Jyoji Yamaguchi", the guy in the black shirt and the white hat is the spitting image of I guy I knew and trained with when I lived in Hawaii (1995-99) by the name of Robbie Flores. I'd been told he'd moved, but if he did, this guy is his twin.
If anybody can provide an ID, confirm, or refute, that that's him, or put me in touch with him, I'd appreciate it. Lost track of him when I moved to Japan.

Much appreciated, Rob


I took the picture, but I have no idea who that guy is. He looks kind of like Fred Durst. It's weird, I thought I heard him say that the reason he was cornering fighters was "all for the nookie."

No idea how to input the picture here. If someone wants to email me with directions I'll do it. I don't check the UG very often.

Chris, thanks for the response, but I'm a mudnamer with no idea how to post pics, also without a scanner, or I'd try to do it myself...

If anyone else could help out, much thanks...



holy shit chris onzuka is on here

Last try, much thanks...

Howzit Chris!

has cabbage had a broken hand for his last 2 fights?

My name is Keoni does this help?

Damn! One of the legendary Onzuka's graced the
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