Question for Jiu-Jitsu guys...

"having someone in your guard in a bar fight is the last place you want to end up"

hahaha yeah right..just because guys pass yours like a hot knife through butter doesnt mean I cant wax ass with my blue belt, sound like a rookie...You ever even watch the mario sperry series?

"They may not be able to pass your guard, but his friends can stomp you to death. :)"

Another of the great fallacies people feed you to discredit good jits...How can they stomp me when I know toe holds?

"Drinking is prohibited by The Gracie Diet(tm).'

Yeah but opponents can drink and do, it's been the secret behind 80 years undefeated!! I drink freshly squeezed watermelon juice that I smuggle into the bar in a flask I had a triangle engraved on. 

Train Judo - Hey guys, I'm pretty confident that very few people out there could ever pass my guard in a bar fight. ...So what do you think are the best ways to get a guy into my guard in a bar fight?

Any vids out there of street fighting guard entries? How about rubber guard? I bet Bravo has some sick jits for situations like that..I wanna be ready for war next time I head to the watering hole.

1. Deep underhook on one side, collar tie on the other.

2. Throw knees on collar tie side until opponent brings his arm down to defend.

3. Jump and swing one leg over defending hand onto his neck, while swinging the other leg deep under his near-side arm.

4. Finish the triangle

Fuck guard, I say go straight for the sub.

I just realized I've been trolled, well played sir Phone Post

^Fuckin Nice!! Sloppy joe didnt even know what hit him!!! that would be so fucking sweet pulled off next to the mechanical bull with those half dressed drunk chicks watching!!! Pussy for sure. Listen to that chick moan in the background..She's lovin it!! OMG AMAZING!!! hot hot hot!!

Yeah the vid iceman posted could have been funnier if it didn't drag on so long but I still couldn't help but laugh a few times. Sounded like Werdum with the "get in my guard" bit.

What the hell is dude magazine? Probably some no-gi bullshit...I keep it traditional homie. Everyone wants to take the shortcut nowadays!

 I'm sure you have never had an issue with getting random male barflies in between your legs.

^Haha true that high five

iamblake - I just realized I've been trolled, well played sir <img src="/images/phone/post_tag.png" alt="Phone Post" border="0" style="vertical-align:middle;"/>

You must be new around here

iamblake -  I just realized I've been trolled 
 what on earth makes you say that?

Is there any question this stuff comes in cycles? First it's Eddie coming back to "innocently" ask about catch wrestling. Now Q is back calling out buttfloppers. Can we get another episode of Judo For Jackasses?

iamblake - if you do judo, you should just clinch and throw, its never a good idea to be on bottom when your not on a mat, if you do not have to be. but jumping to guard and choking would for sure work.

 SARCASM...... it's lost on you

So if you pull guard,, are you a "Bottom"?

I was just a little behind man.. Sorry, needed my coffee. I do think sarcasm needs it's own font Phone Post

Ghost of Retard - So if you pull guard,, are you a "Bottom"?

Being a "bottom" as you call it will fill your kitchen cabinets with street fighting medals and trophies, so jest if you will but winning is never a joke!!!

 what the fuck is this jiu-Jitsu thing? 

Vinny Magalhães -  what the fuck is this jiu-Jitsu thing? 

Basically like doing the samba with another guy, on the ground!!!

Lookin Reem, Smelling Reem, Being Reem -  Train Judo should get a twitter account. I would follow Phone Post
Quincy should get his own fuckin reality show. I would break down and buy a DVR just to watch him toss buttfloppers on their heads.

Ok guys first question. Who on this forum has actually been in a street fight as an adult? Now that I have probably eliminated most of you I will share this: many years ago a friend of mine bumped into a fairly large guy at a bar and spilled his drink on him. The guy went nuts and long story short with 6 months of Bjj I jumped guard on the street and guillotined the guy. He quit immediately before I could finish the choke because half of his forehead was missing from hitting the concrete. I find it funny when people say this would happen that would happen when they haven't done shit ever.

Not sure if pulling guard is a good idea in a bar fight. Not because you couldn't control and finish your opponent, but would you be able to finish quick enough to avoid the curbie his buddy may be ready give while your working your finish. Phone Post