Question for Joe Lauzon?

Hey Joe I overheard some young guy said that if any of your opponents ever backed out to let him know. He said he was a wrestler. Does this ring a bell?

joe was still training when I left. I'll make sure he finds this thread.

I have no idea what your talking about, maybe Joe does, although your question is phrased funny :)

There was a guy named Scott Johnson at the Combat Zone show on Saturday. Is this what you are talking about? He came up and was talking to me, telling me he was a 2x state champ wrestler and was looking or a place to train, but he really respected me, and would love a chance to fight me because he would love to fight someone "so good". Seemed like a real cool guy, who is a becoming a huge fan of the sport.

He was also saying he thought I would kill Florian, which I told him he was freaking nuts. Funny how people can see a local guy do well, but then when someone loses at a national level they are horrible so quickly. I thought it was kind of funny, but its cool for someone to have such overwhelming confidence in me.

I think the closest school to him is MSA, so he might start training there. He is going to email me and thats the direction I will send him.

An old timer at 21? I dont think he was challenging me so much as saying he would have a good time fighting me, win or lose.

Hey Joe, that is the guy. I think he had too much to drink that night!! Joe I think you, and florian would be a hell of a fight. Don't cut yourself short, you are one talented young guy. Joe when will you be fighting next?

look for an announcement of joe's next fight hopefully by the end of the week, maybe not till early next week.

working out the details right now.

lol @ Joe being an old timer.

Chris Palmquist is Manager of the Year!

im guessin musttap is that guy

"I'm guessin musttap is that guy"

We think alike