Question for Kindle or Android users out there?

Hey guys,

If you've got an Android device or a Kindle then I need your help.

As you may know, I release a lot of BJJ instructional apps in iTunes, the Google Play store and in the Amazon app store.

Being Canadian myself I'm proud that I also sell them on  And most of my apps get excellent ratings regardless of where they sell (iTunes,,, etc.).

But here's the thing: one of my most popular apps (the Roadmap for BJJ) gets a ton of 4 and 5 star ratings in all the venues EXCEPT  And that's because a bunch of people run into problems with the in-app purchases and give the app one star reviews.  I.e. they're mad at me because it's a free app and they actually can't buy the extra, completely optional modules within that app. 

So my question to the Canada forum:

  1. have any you downloaded the Roadmap for BJJ app for Kindle or Android devices from  Here's the link:
  2. Did the free component work OK for you?
  3. Did you attempt to purchase the additional, optional modules and did you run into any problems with that?
I would really like to fix this problem and have filed about 10 tickets with Amazon developer support, but they've been completely, absolutely, unbelievably useless.   Nothing but cut and paste generic answers every time
Having some feedback from fellow Canadian app users would really, really help me 
Stephan Kesting
Vancouver BC