Question for Marcos Santos NYC ppl

This is for anyone who trains at Marcos's school. I was just wondering, how is the level of instruction and competition there? How many white belts are there normally at a given class? Do a lot of students actively compete in bjj tournaments? How are the classes structured? Thanks in advanced


Marco Santos Machado BJJ school has moved to a new facility in midtown Manhattan. i believe they begin holding classes there this Monday the 8th ... barring any delays due to weather. they are now on 22 West 23rd street (between 5th & 6th avenues). thats right by Union Square, Chelsea, and the Flatiron district.

Marcos and his brother Marcio (both black belts)are fantastic instructors and teach all the classes there. they've also expanded the schedule for training 6 six days a week

there is new & updated info on their website.
check that out or just drop by the new school ...