Question for mma fighters.

Do you guys have hand wraps on underneath the mma gloves??


I use either tape under the gloves or hand wraps underneath...i believe tape works the best because it keeps your fists stronger, and also keeps your wrists wrapped good and 2 cents.

Fearless Goat

tape, gauze, and prewrap

I use pre-manufactured handwraps.

I decided to not wear any wraps in my last fight, cause I'm tougher than these other chumps. Of course, I am still nursing 3 dislocated knuckles on my right hand, but I'm still tough dammit!


hand wraps for 90% of training and boxing "half wrap" for fight training and fights. I didnt tape my hands for my first pro fight and was out for a year with 3 bad breaks.. the great tape jobs i get probably would have helped this a lot.. wrap your hands man..

It's also very important for wrist support also.

Never go without the wrap...

I wrap my wrists for support that it's as of right now.

I too only wrap the wrists. In AZ that is all that is legal.

Dislocated my thumb last time I didn't wrap them.