Question for Mr. Blauer

Tony, first thank you for taking the time to answer the many questions we ask you here. I have a question about your video on close quarter stand up. Do you show headbutts on this tape or any of the other tapes you have?

I have been looking for a tape that covers this and know if you have one I need not look any further. Also, this may not be the appropriate forum to address this question and if its not, please disregard. I have a question about Geoff Thompson. I've heard many good things about his material but I've noticed his titles very closely resemble yours in more than one video. If the stuff he shows similar to yours?

Thank you again Mr. Blauer

I'm sure I show somehting about them [but maybe not] unlike most slef-defense teachers, I do not teach 'techniques' nor do I focus on specific methods of hitting.

I design my tapes for YOU the public to cross-train with without knowing what style you embrace. Make sense?

So get the tape for the exposure to my strategies and drills, as oppossed to the headbutt angle.

As for Geoff, there's been a lot of controversy surrounding that. Geoff has some very good tactics and ideas. He has also been exposed to a lot of my information from individuals and video. Perhaps osmosis has inspired him or some sort of 'cosmic soup' that we're both drinking from...

As a businessman, get my material first [lol] if you can afford both do that too, validation is empowering. IYou may see something in his info that better suits your perosnality or vice versa.


Thanks Tony!