Question for Mr. Blauer?

Very interesting, Coach! A cycle/formula of success.

Mr. Blauer,

That truly is an inspiring statement!

Thank you

as allways, truth in wisdom

Nice Tony.

Mr Blauer, That reminds me of something that I read that you wrote. It went something like this; If you don't commit to your move it will never land. Your commitment is directly related to your belief in that move. If you don't believe in that move 110% how do you think that that move will land. In belief is the cornerstone of commitment..... Thanks for the great post.. Tom Campbell

Thanks for the great question!


Dear Mr Blauer, If you could recommend one exercise for a fighter, what would it be and why? Thank you for your time, Tom Campbell

The exercise of commitment.

Commitment requires a goal.

A goal requires a vision.

A vision requires a dream.

A dream requires passion and belief.

Passion and belief require patience and practice.

Patience and practice requires commitment.....