Question for nerds RE: black hole

So nothing can escape it right? What if we sent an unmanned mission to a blackhole? would the blackhole suck up radio/video signals as well?

I'm watching this docu and was just wondering

Einstein Likes Black Holes

Radio is just light of a different frequency. Once it passes the horizon it doesn't get out. Phone Post

An unmanned probe would in all likelyhood be destroyed as it crossed the event horizon.

If anything emitting radio signals survived the huge gravitational forces then the signals would still not escape past the event horizon as this is the point at which light (the fastest thing in the universe) cannot escape. As said above radio is just a frequency of EM radiation.

The only thing theorised to escape is hawking radiation.

There has also been some recent thoughts that if the centre is not a singularity (in the traditional sense) but something else recently theorised then it could transport the information somewhere else. Would need to search some recent science news articles for details as I cant remember of the top of my head.