Question for older construction/manual work type guys

Ive got a few for you but a couple to start, how does your body hold up after years of this type of work?

I may work in the glass tower world but we have a cattle stud and a station and Ive worked construction during university for extra drug money and I remember things like walking on rebar for days carrying heavy loads being brutal even to a fit 20 year old

Do you guys get used to it? @ABCTT_SENNIN ABCTT_SENNIN kick us off boss man


Yes. Plus I notice that down time seems to hurt worse when you start back up again.
I’m almost 59 & self employed. I still climb up and down machinery, install and remove hydraulic cylinders that can be huge. I hurt more than I care to admit, I have a hernia on the scar from a surgery that nearly killed me from going septic. I have arthritis. I’m hoping to sell my business and retire in Costa Rica,


My advice is keep moving
Keep strong

Get your sleep for recovery, without sleep a laborer will burn out

With sleep and good nutrition anything is possible


Not too bad. I’ve had a harder time staying fit in stationary jobs. Keep it moving and you won’t have to kill yourself in the gym after work.


Tough to find the energy for anything else with these type of jobs IMO. Id rather a job sitting on my ass IMO so I still have energy to do what i want and pursue what i want to pursue after work.


When i wake up sometimes my ass and lower back hurt. Smoke a cig, down some caffeine then show up and holler at some 'messicans. All good


I’d love to do zumba too. No time though


I always find jobs where your sit around all day to be more draining than physical labor. A good night’s sleep makes all the difference

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Ya maybe do some reading on calorie expendature.

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I always got to yell at people who wish they were MexiCans.
miss smoking.


In all seriousness, if you’re in the trades in your 40s it’s for what you’ve learned in the past decade or two, not your back. You can’t get TOO soft and sloppy, or the kids (or floppy) won’t respect you. Go hard maybe a couple of times a month, otherwise it’s just excel and paperwork like any other desk job.


Their work ethic is legendary even on this side of the globe where there arent many or any really lol

Funny to watch that work ethic and drive make it into the 2nd and 3rd generations like with most immigrant kids and see them kick ass like with that high profile mexican hottie lawyer chic, shes a fucking pitbull

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Work smarter not harder.
Roll the rock across the hill instead of just up.


Eatveggies and drink beer too. It’s good for you



my back has hurt for about 6-7 years, now

if i put in a lot of extra hard days in a row, it takes a few days to feel 100% again.

i rarely if ever take even easy going OTC meds because i’ve seen too many people slide down that hill too fast.

as someone said, if you’re this old and still in the trades, it’s not for your back. at least not for most people. i’ve known 60 year old roofers humping straight up extension ladders with two packs of shingles all day every day, but they’re not the norm and probably couldn’t nor shouldn’t be.


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I remember in my 20s seeing the Italian day labourers working for the cement crew… all in their 50s. I wanted a workout and loaded a bunch of broken slab into their truck for them. They all laughed and had an extra long smoke break.

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My body is doing well, an I have been a labourer my whole life, im feeling pretty good for 43

Concreter, ceiling fixer, now im buffing boats an shit