Question for other RN's, Dr's, etc (re: good shoes

Hey guys,

Just wanted some feedback on GOOD shoes that some of yall wear for 12 hour shifts, being on your feet most of that time. No color restrictions, etc. FWIW- Bigger guy, with a BAD knee, so looking for good cushion/ shock absorption.


I'm not either, but both my brother and SiL own about 2 dozen pair of Asics gel/running shoes and work in medicine.

I wear Nike air max flywires. My feet never hurt and I'm usually on them for 8/12 hours.


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Hokas most comfortable running shoes I own. Great for walking.

for real? Is that a newer company?

I saw some online that looked really cool, but I've never heard of them

Wear clogs like every other self respecting nurse. 

Fucking rookie. 

Crocs bitch!

Not in that field but still on my feet. Pretty happy with Red Wings.

When I worked in a busy ER I'd go through 3-4 pairs of running shoes a year or my back would kill me

Wife is an RN and recently switched from NB to Asics and swears by them.  

My point above was that even good/great shoes will simply just get beat to shit and packed out quickly in that environment.

Birkenstock inserts were a lifesaver for my back and plantar fasciitis from walking on cement floors 12 hours a day, might give those a shot

Brooks Beast 16.
Most comfy shoe ever

Surgical Tech here, standing all day with little movement, I would go with Hoka. I run in them and they are so soft it's like wearing pillow shoes.

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I always wear New Balance. I've tried EVERYTHING else. Dozens and dozens of different shoes. Everything you can imagine. I always come back to New Balance. And I change them out frequently.

When I was a poor ass resident, I changed them as often as I could afford. In the ER I had 3 pairs in rotation. Now that I'm in an outpatient clinic I wear NB's a couple clinic days a week, and various dress shoes on the others.

The key is find some that are comfortable, buy a couple pairs and rotate them. Never wear the same pair twice in a row. Replace them quarterly if you can. You'll spend a lot in shoes(maybe you can write them off as uniform expense), but your comfort and quality of life will be much better.

The two things that people really cheap out on are shoes and mattresses. Think how much time you spend standing and sleeping in your life...Then spend a little cash.


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Brooks addiction walker

These are also good. GTS 17 aren't bad either

Crocs or Asics

dont' buy shows that are labeled Cross fit, trainers, running, jogging, athletic(any sport)
only get shoes that are labeled WALKING  they have much stronger heel supportand are designed for walking not running or side to side motion