Question for Rory/Tait

A quick question for both Rory Singer and Tait Fletcher, since they both post on here regularly.

Episode 4 has just aired, and Team Ortiz has won the last 3 fights in a row. So I'm curious about what both of your perspectives were at that point. Tait, you've seen 2 LHWs from your team get eliminated, were you at all feeling like you had a target on your back?

Rory, you had yet to fight, but your team was on a roll, so how did that effect your nerves? Were you more or less pumped/nervous about your first-round fight?

Thanks in advance, and best wishes to both of you guys.

Geese Jones

FUCK NO---quick question---If I was such a weak link---why wasnt I
fought 1st?? Hmmmm?

'FUCK NO---quick question---If I was such a weak link---why wasnt I fought 1st?? Hmmmm? Rory?'

Well I think it's become clear that both coaches made some iffy decisions when it came to their picks lol, so hopefully you didn't let it get to you too much.

Geese Jones


Boy I'm all insulted that Rory answers everyone's questions but mine, lol. :(

Congrats on the win anyway. Knew ya could do it. :)

Geese Jones



I was in no way nervous about the fight. The editting of that show may have made it look otherwise. My being picked first didn't really mean all that much. I certainly felt I was one of the better guys after the two day evaluation. I guess being picked first made me feel confident that Tito thought I was good. So I had that going for me; at least until I watched Thursday night LOL.

Did that answer your questions? I hope you aren't mad anymore :)

LOL thanks for the response Rory. Actually it was interesting, I posted this before the last episode, so I had no idea your fight was up next.

And don't be weirded out by how they present you on tv, they're just putting out a product. Most of us realize there was more going on than just what is televised.

Congrats again on your win, and best wishes. :)

Geese Jones