question for scott sonnon?

I'am going to get some of your products: body flow book,body flow videos,be breathed or warrior wellness.I'am all ready really fit and think my low energy and bad knees are holding me back. what one of these products do you think well help me most scot .Thanks in advance fitforever

I am obviously not Scott, but I had a similiar problem.
Sincerely, every one of those is going to have great benefit. Be-Breathed for the performance breathing alone ( the low energy ).

The other tapes will help you out greatly if you really explore where your performance/mobility is being hindered. Explore the reason your body tells you to "put the brakes on" in certain movements.

Thanks.also do you know if you can get any of these on dvd.

guys I was looking at the warrior wellness product page and the pictures on it.It looks to me a lot like pavels "super joints" if so Would I need warrior wellness If I all ready have super joints

I also have super joints ( the program, not Kryptonian anatomy). Warrior wellness blows it out fo the water as far as progression, thoroughness, variety, carry over, etc. Great stuff.

on the warrior wellness how easy is the beginner tape.could you maybe share 1 or 2 of the exerices.I just want an idea to see if I need the beginner level or not. is a good one.

Cool stuff but one question If the 4 corner balance drills are from the wellness tapes and they take 15mins does that mean these tapes are all most all balance drills.Thanks

The tape is not a follow along ( that is more along the Be-breathed lines ), it demonstrates the BME and the various nuances and then moves on. I honestly do not remember if the tapes lay out the duration of the exercises or not. The exercises themselves are so adaptive that a rep/set scheme is probably not the best way to go about them.

Thanks for the help.I should be getting these next week

The drill as presented in the article may take
approximately 15 minutes - an extended protocol.
However, the Warrior Wellness course takes
approximately 30 each.