Question for Scott

My 2¢ before Scott answers (hope you don't mind!)

I have been working in the Sobachiye Dykhaniye, Prav Breathing (from the Dykhaniye™ Natural Energy tape) in the mornings before going through my Warrior Wellness routine. In the last two weeks, I have gone from 3-5 (!) cups of coffee a day to just one in the afternoon.

I have found that it make a huge difference to the start of my day!gb


Is there any type of breathing you recommend to help wake yourself up in the morning (deep inhalations, etc.)?



Thanks to Scott I can finially put my philosophy degree to good I will recomend that all trolls who do not like the language used on your tapes take a full year of philosophy...some Kant and Decartes will make them long for ROSS


I knew Philosophy had to be in there somewhere. It takes one to know one. :-)


Thank you, Scott. That was -- well, enlightening.

By the way, do you mind if I ask what your academic training(besides ROSS)is?


So true... :-)

Hello Scott. I vaguely remember a question to you regarding whether or not one should stick to eating organic vegetables.

This is a bit of a tangent to that question, but what i was wondering is, are u a vegetarian? If not/so, what kind of meals would you advise? I find myself eating too much meats and empty carbs, and i remember reading from some vegetarian website that the human body only needs 25-35 grams of protien a day to function well. I know that you're not exactly a nutritionist, but how do you fashion your own diet?