question for Scrapper

I'am starting a new routein that is
monday tae-bo etc
tuesday weights
wednsday tae-bo etc
thursday weights
friday tae-bo etc
saturday weights
sunday rest/meditation

My question is since there must be better then tae-bo out there what do you think would be a good (long or short intense) workout to get the heart pumping on the off days from the weights.Thanks

My question is since there must be better then tae-bo out there what do you think would be a good (long or short intense) workout to get the heart pumping on the off days from the weights.First, put the spandex shorts, wrist wraps, and tae-bo headband down and SLOWLY back away.....Then, report directly to my website: HEREThen proceed immediately, if not sooner, to the Workouts page and scroll down. Begin with Workout #1, keeping track of rest times and total time to complete the workout. Let me know when you are able to complete ALL of the reps in Workout #1. Train hard, SCRAP

Funny Tae-Bo story here.

I was cornering at some fights for a fighter from the school where I train. A fighter who I did know asked me to corner for him since his people did not show for his fight as they'd promised they would. So I go to the warm-up area and he asked me to help him wrap his hands since this was his firts fight and he wasn't sure how to do it properly. I asked him to get me his hand wraps. He comes back a few minutes later and he hands me two Tae-Bo wraps. I asked him to PLEASE tell me that he'd done more than just take Tae-Bo classes. He let me know that he'd had a few solid weeks of real training, but he was in great shape from all the Tae-Bo he'd been doing. When he asked for my advice on what to concentrate on I started to go into a few combinations and techniques I thought he might use effectively. Then I remembered the hand wraps and I told him to just keep his hands in his face and to back up as much as he could. LOL

Best in Health and Training, J. R.

How did he do?

ttt for the Tae-Bo Killa fight results!!

**shakes head**

Another Tae-Bo victim.


scrapper I did them all(too easy) did 35 diamond pushups
too the v-ups were hard but other then that it was easy.So what now.

Workout #2 :)

Then if you find that easy, you can pick up workout 3 in the archives of this forum! Congrats on workout 1 by the way.


Buy the tapes....that workout is anything but easy.

You could always try timing yourself and aim to beat your best time on workout 1!


guys I did it again today fast with only two 30sec stops one after the upper body and one after the lower body.I must be way fitter then I think I am.I also looked over the other workouts and they all look easy.I could do pushups,squats,lunges pullups/chinups all day If I had to there must be harder workouts out there.

JRSFITNESS1, I'm more interested in finding out how Mr. Tae Bo did in his fight than I am entertaining fitforever with his, "What's next, all that's easy" attitude.


im a pretty lean mean dude and i can do workout 1 easily in no time also. but i will be the first person to tell you that you CAN'T do pushups, squats, lunges, pullups/chinups all day if you had to.

do the other workouts, if a part of the workout is too easy, increase the reps/sets to fit your needs. if you cant make a good workout from scrappers website you are either doing something wrong, or i am starting to smell a troll..

I will try more reps/sets I'am looking to break records not just get fitter.

fitforever,a lot of guys think that WO1 is easy. Then they buy the
tapes and find out that they've been going way too slow to keep
up with Scrapper... ;-)

Anyway, check out WO 2.

JRS, how did the Tae Bo guy do? Should I check for

2 Words for Mr. FitForever: Creeping Death.



If you want to break pushup records then just do more pushups. It's not rocket science.

If you want a harder workout, start bench pressing, and stop trolling.