Question for scrapper

Scrapper I was wondering if just by doing your routines can you get ripped or do you have to run. I have been doing workout 1 and 2 off and on for almost six months and I am stronger and harder I still have bodyfat I want to drop. Is there anything I can do with the workouts to burn moer fat should I add something. I try to eat as clean as possible.My cardio has gone up because of your workouts.

"Off and on"? The first thing I would suggest is making a consistent effort with the workouts. If you keep the rest times down to a minimum in the workouts (less than 20 seconds rest between sets) then you probably don't need to do any long distance running.

The other "big key" to getting ripped is obviously nutrition. I'll see if I can get one of the nutrition gurus to hop on here and give you some advice.

Train hard,


Well when I can't train Juijitsu scrapper I do your workout about five times a week but I got hurt and I had to stop for a little while doining your workouts since they are brutal and I had popped my hamstring .But when i do your workouts I se a big diffrence in cardio but I want to get my wasit down even more to help withmy mobility.

I got ripped as hell last summer doing nothing more than Scrapper No. 1, kickboxing/BJJ, and eating clean. So ripped even guys wanted to look at my stomach.

Just eat lots of protein, and try not to eat too many carbs in the evening. The main staples of my diet were tuna, beans, skim milk, and mixed vegetables in a can (green beans, corn, carrots). Good stuff.

So yeah man, just eat a good diet, no sodas or pizza or cupcakes, and train hard. Good luck.

Tacking a "Scrapper style" workout at the end of my regular boxing workout 4 days a week allows me to eat whatever I please and stay lean.

Thanks I don't know if I will be able to get my juijitsu in becasue my wife is expecting a baby in a couple of weeks so that my regress my getting cut I wil try scrapper's workouts and eating better.