Question for scrapper

Scrapper the routines that you put egan through did he aslo do running or any toerh strength training to get ready for the fight. And how many times a week can you do this routine and will it make you drop weight as well as give you crazy cardio. Thanks.

Initially he was doing a lot of distance training at one of the local gyms. When you look at how he (and his brother) fights, it's 100% GO GO GO and the long slow duration training really wasn't helping his game (in my opinion) so I tried to tailor his training according to his usual fight strategy.

After about two weeks, he realized that he needed to drop the distance running because it was really starting to affect his recovery rate. He took another week to get used to just doing the workouts with me and his skill work at the gym and then I threw him into the workouts in those articles. I was training him for some serious strength-endurance and he initially dropped a few pounds but immediately started getting rock solid and he his upper back and hamstring/glute development was unbelievable.

If you start those routines, expect to shed some fat and build your strength-endurance like crazy.


Thanks scrapper but how many times a week should I do these. I doubt more than three.

Hey Scapper,
I was wondering about Egan WO's too. You said he
stopped running LD and started your routine. How long
did he train your way? Second did he stop lifting or
keep doing it. And third does he still do your
workouts or is he training normal ie: Long distance
running and weight lifting? Thanks Scrap!

All I know is that by using mod1 doing workout 1 and 2 I got great results so Iam looking at this as something do take me to a new level.What I am looking for is more fat loss and even more cardio. But you really hav to put your all into any of scrapers workouts to get benefits it's not a piece a cake but the results make the pain worthwhile.

TTT for Scrapper

He trained with me for a few months but was also dealing with some serious injuries during that time and some pretty heavy personal crap that was affecting his training.

During his fight with Jason Miller he broke two ribs and that really jacked him up. He hasn't been able to do anything since the fight but we talked last week and he's almost ready to start lifting again.

He's got to start off almost from scratch this time but he'll be better off because of it.