Question for South Florida doods

I have meetings in Naples, FL Im attending at the end of the month.  Gonna bring the wife with me so Im wondering where I should stay.  Can spend up to around $150 a night on hotel.  Looking for a decent area with good beach and maybe some shopping/pubs.  Nothing too crazy.  Dont care for nightclubs.  Since my meeting is in Naples, Id drive up to about an hour away to where you  guys think I should stay so keep that in mind.  Looking for hotel and town advice.  Thanks in advance.  

Naples is considered the "West Coast" of Florida. It is 2 hrs or so from "South Florida" which is Jupiter to Homestead on the Atlantic.

I know we have some Cape Coral/Naples OGers.

I have access to a condo in the Keys starting Jan 2015 so I will be spending time down there in a few months so Im hoping to stay either in Naples or within an hours drive of it.  I will also be in Orlando in Nov FYI THanks 

The only major area with an hr of Naples is Cape Coral/Ft. Myers. It's 2 hrs to the other side of the state via 75.

We stayed on Sanibel Island for a few nights once and it was nice. Lots to do and see and plenty of shopping and restaurants. If you make it there, try Doc Fords!

The beach and the water weren't so great though. Same with Ft Myers Beach, not so nice.

Better beaches up North a bit, but more than an hour from Naples.

Don't know much about the beaches in Naples.

I live in Naples. Will post in a little bit. Phone Post 3.0

Not sure about hotels but Naples beach is beautiful. I'm actually gonna be down in SW Florida at the end of the month as well.

awesome thanks so much guys 

gatorlaw - I live in Naples. Will post in a little bit. Phone Post 3.0

Im gonna book shortly. Looks like my short list is 

Doubletree Naples

Inn at Pelican Bay


looks like there are a few beaches in Naples.  Which are the nicest? 

Thanks Ahren.  Charging this to the company so I should probably stay under 200 a night unless I want headaches.  

Get to work

Dont know much about Naples.

lol HKP this is for work!!

I reserved at Inn at Pelican Bay and Hilton Naples.  Gona do some research and cancel one of them.  If anyone has insights, Im all ears. 

Pelican bay is much nicer looking than the hilton.  But the hilton is 3 blocks from the beach vs 1 mile.  Closer to downtown too, but not much.  

Im leaning toward Pelican Bay - its 8 miles from downtown but Im guessing thats an easy drive.  


TTT for gatorlaw to hopefully shed some light.  Thanks again 

I like staying at the Inn on 5th, it may be too pricey since season is starting. The Bayfront Inn on 5th is also a great hotel. Both are walking distance to bars and entertainment. Old Naples has a little more character than the rest. It's also close to the pier which is a popular beaching spot.

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anyone know of any good little clamshacks or little seafood joints/.