Question for the dad's out there. FRAT.

So I've been wanting to move out to the country for a while now. We just had a baby and I operate my landscape business out of my house. We are bursting at the seams and need a bigger place.

A house just came on the market. 5 acres, a pond, badass shop, the house suits our needs fine and the wife approves too. Basically it's everything I want, however, it's a little further out of town than I'd like, but that's fine by me.

So I'm meeting with a realtor today to check it out, and I notice that it falls in a different school district. My kids are small still, a newborn and a three year old, but I really don't want them in this new school district. It's a tiny ass town, not really a sports program to speak of, and it's in the opposite direction of the town we work in.

Has anyone dealt with this issue before? They say the school district that we want to go in isn't accepting transfers any longer. I'm stuck because this place is everything I want and need in a property and it's in our price range, but I'm worried about my kids getting stuck in a shitty school in a tiny ass town. What to do OG? Am I worried over nothing? If it pans out, buy the house and figure out schooling later? God I feel like such a grown up haha. Phone Post 3.0

Somewhat similar, I moved my children out of a huge school district and into a very small rural one.  They have less programs and extra cir. activities.  BUT they don't miss them.  So we don't have a tennis team, they can just run track.  Don't have German club, oh well, take spanish.


it's a trade off to us.  The large school district had 800 kids per grade or some shit.  The one we take them to has about 100.  It's a smaller but quieter expereince. One that isn't full of violence, gangs, and a terrible bussing situation.


The large district opened enrolled and the ghetto kids got bused there.  Their acedemics fell and then they announced that kindergartten through 12 grade would all ride the same buses at the same time.  That was it for us.  Now we drive them everyday to the rural small school.  Are they missing out on extra cir. activities, yes.  But are they safer, YES. 


They still have all the basic things kids need to learn and get a great experience.  So we're ok with it.  They extra drive everyday is a bit annoying but worth it knowing they are safe and secure.


Did that help at all?  I just woke up and am barely fuctioning. 

Yes it did. And I'm on the same page, however this school is REAL small. I think there is like 30 kids per GRADE. There's another school that's almost as close that has about 100 kids per grade that would be ideal, but they are closed for transfers too. I wonder how stiff they really are in transfers anyway? Phone Post 3.0