question for the refs

I have a question for the refs. In boxing a ref will stop a fight if a flurry of punches are made, to the head, with no response from the person he is fighting.

What is the rule in NHB when the person is on the ground taking strikes. I have seen some called right away and some that I thought should have been called sooner.

I have seen the same thing Baracuda. Good question.

There is no hard and fast rule. Big John McCarthy said that the UFC's rule is when one fighter is no longer "intelligently defending himself." So it varies with the situation.

I understand that refs do the best job they can but I am concerned for some of the fighters who may have a, not so experienced ref, who does not know when to stop a fight. I just feel there needs to be a common rule for strikes to the head where a ref will know when to stop a fight.
I feel refs need to be certified or have some type of formal training or seminar.