Question for those in the food industry.

For those in fast food or restaurant business...what happens to all the left over food at the end of the night? Is it just tossed out? Donated? Taken home by employees?

Just curious how much goes to waste at the end of the night. Phone Post 3.0

Some of the places I worked at would save some of the food and reuse it, this was mainly fast food places though. Phone Post 3.0

I worked at a few joints in high school.

When we closed up, we had to inventory all the stuff left over and then toss it.

My practice was to jam as much of it as possible down my stoned gullet before inventory time.

I would also load up my friends with free stuff if they came in. I'd do stuff like put 3 hotdogs in one bun - they had better inventory control over the buns.

That was back in the 70's, and the fries were always open season due to lack of inventory control.