Question for those who wrestled ..

in highschool or collage/university. Do you have to wrestle in highschool to be able to wrestle in collage or university? I live in a small town in Canada and we don't have wrestling at my highschool. Input would be appreatiated.

I can only speak for the area that I live in (East Texas), but at the junior colleges, no previous experience is required.

Grappling Joe

if ur good enuff dont matta if u wrestked in HS

just don't bring a mask, thet hate that ;)

pred is correct. even at my college (Kent State) in Ohio, being a walk-on with no prior HS background who makes the varsity team would be unearthly..

Hey, Bull
What happened to Thomas Rodriguez, the heavyweight from Kent who won the MAC last year as a frosh? Haven't heard or seen anything about him this year.


I agree with Predator - you'd probably be in over your head trying to walk on to an NCAA or NAIA college wrestling program, as most college wrestlers were stars at the high school level.

You might want to see if a nearby high school or college has a wrestling CLUB as opposed to a varsity team - the guys there might be closer to the level for you to learn more enjoyably.


There is a BIG difference between high school wrestling and college wrestling. I think you would be way over your head unless you managed to train with somehow with wrestlers who have graduated and still want to train, which is what I do on the off season. But hey, where there's a will there's a way! Good luck

shelton, no idea. He's not on the roster this year..