Question for Tim Boetsch

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My question: do you think that it is fair Hector lombard can get a title shot over beating you who was (perhaps unfairly) ranked below him, yet you are not worthy of a title shot for beating him who is ranked above you in the current rankings. Is that not kind of hypocritical considering you overcame the greater challenge? Phone Post

 How does he think he matches up with Anderson?  What are his strengths/weaknesses if he were to get the next title shot?

It seemed as though you brought your running shoes anyway, not for yourself, but for Hector. Care to comment?

How does it feel to be awesome? Phone Post

better moment? birth of his son christian or winning in the co main event of a ufc event?

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yellow wrkahlc - It seemed as though you brought your running shoes anyway, not for yourself, but for Hector. Care to comment?
I do not like this question, please delete it

You may be the president of Mexicoland and all surrounding indigenous lands, but you are not Tim Boetsch, senor.

Who won Phone Post

Even though you dropped down from LHW, you still consistently look very thick.solid.tight every time you step into the Octagon. What are your keys to constant success in this area?

Bisping/Stann who do you have winning?

Do you think you might have gotten the title shot had you finished Hector? Do you think you fought too timid? Would you use the same strategy if you had to fight him again?


What is the riddle of steel?

Oops, guess I missed the deadline for this question, lol

 Did you get an infection from that liver kick cum toe nail scrape? And what aspect of it hurt worse the impact or the scrape?

 Deadline? WTF? 

Jumbo Reverse Shrimp -  Deadline? WTF? 

Assuming by the OP that the question had to be in by Wednesday?

Or did it?

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DanTheWolfman - JKD background?

He just started following me on Twitter an hour ago, maybe cause of some cool pics I tweeted

Are you really that delusional? The guy follows over 10,000 people it has nothing to do with the fact you are 1-3 in Pro MMA and claim to be some kind of expert.

I've deducted that Dan is in fact knowledgable in the sport. He has my full respect and he should have yours also, imo. Phone Post