Question for Tom E.

I read in someone else's thread that u have or are dropping the weight to compete in the UFC's 265lbs weight class. True or not? If it is that would be awesome! I still think u could be Champ of either UFC or Pride, if your conditioning is there. Good luck whatever u do.

Is my weight coming down, Yes. Am I doing to get into the UFC, No. I am doing it because I thought I would be fighting on New Years Eve and wanted to be ready. I definitely have several fights left in me and wanted to show people that I am ready so I have picked up my training and the weight is coming off. It would still be a big cut to get to 265 but I would do it for a 3 fight guarentee.


wow! sign him up.

Big Cat would be UFC Champ fo sho!

Erickson at 265 would be a beast n the UFC Heavyweight division.

I'd pay to see it

Erickson would do well in the UFC honestly.He matches up well with many of the heavyweights.

Erickson/Arlovski would rock

Erikson would have been damn near unstoppable in the octagon. There is no question in my mind that he would have become a UFC champion if he had been given a chance in his prime. Even now I think he matches up well with any of the UFC heavyweights. Unfortunately he seems to be on the long list of talented fighters that the UFC has blacklisted.

TTT for the Big Cat back in the UFC. That would absolutely rock.

ttt for the BIG CAT!

ttt for Tom Erikson.

Tom thanks for clearing that up. Just one more question or 2. Have u recently talked to anyone with UFC? and or can you call them to expres interest? Also I thought u where crazy fighting with K-1 standing rules, but hell you didnt look to bad. U got some nads doing stuff like that with no amateur experence. Most stand up fighters gas quickly in grappling and most grapplers gas quickly in striking. HOw was it for u?

I agree seifer, but how?

That is awesome! It only took the Big Cat 15 minutes to respond too.

I am a big fan, I hope you finally get some fights.

Tom you dont need a 3 fight deal in the UFC. You are a big and very talented heavyweight. They will resign you after 1 fight. You know the rule: u win your in, of course there is that little fan appeal clause also, but come man u got it! Good luck man.

Tom, I think you might need a new manager- you gotta get some more fights.

BC, please come to the UFC

I'm sure a lot of fighters turn down fights with Erikson because his size & wrestling ability are a bitch to deal with.

Dana needs to read this thread and make that 3 fight contract up, Erikson woud be great for the UFC!