Mr Blaur,

I was taught at a Gracie Jiu Jitsu school to tie a guy up and push him backwards if he attacks me with punches and then trip him to the ground. I was told to sprawl if someone tries to take me down and knee them in the face or groin. Whats your advice on what to do when being attacked from a striker or someone thats trying to take you down?

You should get his double video, "How to beat a grappler". I love it; everybody loves it.

Any SIMPLE answer to this question is a wrong answer.


My main concern is:

A) How do you defensively stop a striker
B) How do you defensively stop a grappler/wrestler
Im about 6'1 245 pounds (mostly muscle). So I would think that tying up the striker and slamming him would be best and for the grappler, sprawling and kneeing him or getting him in a rear naked choke would be best. Whats your thoughts based on all the street fights you've seen?

What is the scenario?

Is he trying to mug you?

Is it a contest and you have agreed to rules?

Is the fight unavoidable?

Is there someone there you need to protect?

Are there weapons involved?

Other people going to jump in if you dominate?

All of these will change the scenario.

As mentioned above by FJ828, there are way too many factors that need to be considered before provided a specific answer to you question...and then you would have to evaluate your own personal skillset, your opponents, have you been compromised, etc...

As Ironmongoose had suggested, HTBAG is an excellent video to start off with and there are many others available to quench your personal thirst. You should also visit Mr. Blauer's site and re-view some of the theory behind confrontation management,

Good luck, train hard and stay safe.

Sean Mulligan
BTS LEO/PDR Training Team

You're probably thinking. . . how hard is it to
answer. . . all I want to know is. . .

But the truth is, the answer you seek is in the
questions they asked.




In game theory, the expression "victory conditions" is used. In simple terms, this means, "what is it you're trying to do?" Blauer Tactical has a mantra "the scenario dictates". If you're fighting MMA, you know there's only one guy coming at you. You know your footing's sure and there won't be any weapons, you know what the rules say you should do to "win".

If you're serving a high-risk warrant in a noisy trailer at 2:00AM, the rules, the endgoals, and the scenario are different. And it makes a difference if you're the front man or cover man.

If you're defending yourself and your girlfriend or family in the evening on the sidewalk of a busy street at 8:00PM Friday night, the r, the e, and the s, are different.

If you're defending yourself and your family from a nutjob who came in through a bedroom window, it's all different.

The good news is that with some good education, your intuition will give you some sense of what you should or should not be doing and you don't need to remember a million what-ifs.

Aie, what if you thought it was a punch but didn't see that dirty little blade in his hand?

I could say, "Oh, no matter what I'd probably draw my tac folder and stick it in the guy's arm a few times and probably give it a twist. Oops, you tell me I'm doing data collection in jail and haven't got a knife? Or it's a 12 year old girl I'm assessing in a school? Oops...

As I said, the reason I did not really answer your question is that any answer that is suitably short to be discussed in this forum, is wrong.

Soo... check out the video. He goes through some neat sprawl-like tactics which I think are a good sight better than a sprawl, as well as a variety of body leverage tactics and setups... he goes through adjustments for the guy's energy, he goes through scenario-based modifications, he goes through what-if and failure drills. And other stuff. Lots of stuff.