Question for Tony on "Rape Safe"

Hi Tony! I have a question in relation to your "Rape Safe" video. In the bedroom scene, you tell the women to hold on to the attackers hand that's holding the knife,and bite down hard,till they drop the knife. You also say,thatit's highly possible that the attacker won't be able to drop the knife if she has a tight grip on it while she's biting him.Can you articulate this a bit more on how she can get the knife away if he can't let it go because of her grip during the biting. I found this part a little confusing on the video. thanks bro'!
p.s. how about a seminar in Toronto???

I'll do the best I can with words on a forum...

Naturally, rewatch the tape and look for some
subtle remarks or movements, Ive found that when
there is an area of confusion something didnt
process - i'll blame it on you for the moment! :-)

Simply, when the weapon is used to intimidate it is
generally pretty stationary, certainly
this tactic, once the grip is secured, tearing into
the hand with a clamped bite (outside
metacarpals) is real painful and pretty freaky (on
an emotional level), the behavioral response to
this pain is to open the hand but the grip will
prevent this, but remember, its 'your'
grip...releasing it allows the knife to fall into your

Sounds Wazoo esoteric in words, but its pretty
primal and simple when you do it.

Hope this helped.

As for a seminar in Toronto, could happen,
someone would need to book it though! :-) and I'd
need to find a space in the schedule to give it
unless one of my AI's gave the session. Right now
were booked into 2003 wth only a few openings in
2002, but weekends are good for a coupl eof my
guys if you know peopel interested. Call the office.