Question For You Guitar Guys-Fender Purple Haze

Thanks for all your help in this thread.

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The difference between a MiA and MIM strat is like 150 miles. There’s basiclly no difference unless you are buying a custom shop . Otherwise they are just the same guitars being made on the same cnc machines by low wage mexican labor on both sides of the border. Sure the MIA has better electronics but you can upgrade that In the future for less cost than the MIA.

And these days the Mexican made guitars cost more than the US made did ten years ago. The Vintera series is around $1500.

Looks to get great reviews and has really good pickups. Should be a solid guitar. Obviously you are paying more for the signature line but if you can afford it who cares.


Its a Fender Strat, not like shes picking some no name brand

When she is a rock star I expect to hear songs about teh OG!!!