question from mobilized reservist

I'm a mobilized reservist at Ft. Sam, working at the hospital here for atleast the next 18 months if not longer. I volunteered to go overseas w/ the deploying CHS but was told that was a no go and am getting sick of the boring shit at the hospital. Does anyone know if I'm able to attend slection or reclass to another mos while I'm here or anyway to get out of being stuck at this post while I'm mobilized? Any help or advice would be great.

No, sorry to re-class in another MOS will take a miracle from God or that you get mob to the theater under a special classification as needed by the army.
Right now I'm a 15A (aviator) reclass as a 11B (infancy I, mean infantry). But that does not prevent you fron taking as many internet or Army distance courses!!!

Ft Sam is a cool place, lots of women.

I have only visited there for schools and confrences, but I loved it.

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