Question on a throw...

I've been wondering about a throw I've seen a couple times, I saw Karo use it once, and I'm sure I've seen in it some Judo clips.

It almost looks like a shoulder throw from the knees, with the uke still standing?


Drop seoi nage I think.

Drop seionage.

Seionage is shoulder throw, right?

Anyone wanna give me any tips? :)


go to a judo club and learn it right.
thats the best tip anybody can give you.

Resnick as per usual it correct..But go HERE and you can find videos on both standing and drop variaties...

*Chants* Seoi-Seoi-Seoi-Seoi-Seoi-Seoi-Seoi-Seoi-Seoi!

Yeah, I love that throw, but I'm much better at hitting it no-gi.

I really would like to go to a Judo Club, but I'm about to get my blackbelt in karate and hopefully my blue in BJJ, and I'd feel like a schmuck if I just up and leave my school. I talk to my instructor about throws a lot, and he promises me we'll do a bunch more this year.

Nori Bonisawa's school is pretty local to me.. highly recommended or no?


Bunasawa is a good judoka to say the least. I don't know how he teaches or runs his school, though.

Ben R.

nori, yea, id go to his dojo.
and, who else is gonna teach you throws? your karate of bjj coach? well, good luck. if you want to learn to throw, go to somebody who knows how. i would go and ask my judo coaches how to throw a good thai kick.

its nearly crazy to think that your other coaches could teach you t throw even 1/4 as well as somebody like nori could.

It's ironic you said that, since last time I read up on Nori, he was pushing his total martial arts system, Juken-DO! based on Judo, Kenpo and Boxing. :)

It's not like I go to some cheazy martial arts school with a karate guy who has low BJJ rank. He's a 2nd degree blackbelt in BJJ, and has one of those Judo certifications from one of the orgs....


well, im glad to hear you dont belong to a mcdojo. thats very much a relief. =) just be sure that his certificate in judo is real-- the same that youd be sure to make sure that anybody else's is.

i didnt know nori was pushing some type of fighting system. interesting. i dont know if he is a certified boxing coach or secret-style kung-fu master as well..

my point is to make sure that what you are gonna be learning stacks up to what you should be learning. once your coach starts teaching throws i'd go over to the judo club and see if you are learning things on an equal plane. it sure would suck to spend a lot of time on throwing and not get the most possible out of it. throws arent the simplest of motions, doing them wrong can only lead to bad habits that other coaches cant break later on. =)

Can I get some fries and a large coke with that seoi burger? :-)

*groans* :D

That's awesome RonB :)

Ok... I asked about the certificate...

I guess Phil Porter certified him...?

I think he certified a bunch of BJJ people in judo though.


Didn't Porter certify a lot of people who weren't ready or something? Maybe I'm wrong..

If it's the USMAA, then it's not a recognized Judo rank.

Ben R.

flat out, phil porter is a fraud in the judo world. he was run out of office of the USJA for selling ranks to people and a whole ton of other crap. whatever his new organization is, i think Ben had the name right, it a complete load of crap.

Figures about the rank, it sounded funny when he told me about it. :)

Anyways, at least he says he's going to put up the Mike Swain technique poster.

I think Yori moved away from where I live... anyone know something in Orange/Tustin area in Orange County, CA?


there is the tustin judo club. the swain poster of techniques is actually really nice.